Hi there, hopefully this finds you well. I decided to start a blog because, well for a few reasons. Mainly my life is a bit mental on the best days and absolutely insane on the worst.  I want to keep track of the nonsense and I kind of hope that sharing it not only helps me deal but can provide a few chuckles or solemn understanding nods.
So a little about me at this point in my life before we share too many secrets. I am a Canadian woman in my mid-twenties, you can call me Lucie* if you like. I am currently almost finished a 2 year Masters degree, working part time at a bookstore, volunteering at a hospital, and trying to have something called personal time. I read a lot, travel, watch a bunch of tv shows, do some artsy things now and then, and enjoy the occasional glass of wine. So on the surface I probably seem pretty average, and at first and even second glance I probably am. But hopefully after a few posts you will be introduced to my not so ordinary life and be convinced otherwise.

With that I sign off for now, hope to see you again next time !

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about, be kind. Always.”

*Real names have been changed, sorry but I’m not that open to sharing my life. Yet. 😉


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