Licorice Candy

I bought some licorice the other day. It has been a rough couple of days, and I felt that I needed some. I have wonderful memories of eating licorice. It is not my favourite candy, and it is fairly rare that I have a craving for it. But when I eat it I feel better, it has always made me feel better.

As a much younger version of myself, I was at a cottage with my parents visiting their family friends during some summer vacation. We used to have big gatherings where all the parents would bring their children (we were all about the same age add or take a few years)  and so the children became my friends. I was very taken with a particular boy, lets call him  T. He was cute, kind, and a couple years older, so he checked off all the boxes in my naive mind. We had some things in common too and at one point I helped him hide in the closet when a gaggle of younger girls wanted to pin him down and kiss him, so he must have thought I was alright (I think it was still uncool to be friends with girls at that age). One day during this particular summer holiday I had gone into the bathroom. When I came out T had been concerned for my well being so had waited outside the bathroom with a few strands of licorice. He said he saved them for me and wanted to make sure I was okay. I loved him for that.

A few years earlier another happy memory was made that takes place on elementary school grounds. We had a special substitute teacher that would bring her guitar and sing songs, she was my favourite. I saw her outside at recess and she asked why I wasn’t playing. I told her I had a headache. She said that I must have some licorice and offered me a piece saying that it cures headaches. I believed that for awhile even though it didn’t always work. Sometimes it did and that was enough.

So here is to the curing powers of licorice, whether they be real or completely in my head and based on my happy memories, I feel better already.

“Everything will be so good so soon. Just hang in there and don’t worry about it too much.”


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