Little Thoughts

Before this blog I used to write things on Tumblr. Anyway, I really liked a few of the little things I had written so since they made me smile because of a memory or think “oh hey that’s really good, did I write that?!” I decided that I will periodically share them on here.

Here is my post “Technology today has come so far” from March 2011

Tonight my favourite band, Said the Whale, was playing a live show for JunoFest and it was broadcasted live by CBC radio 3. Today, it’s not a big deal for band to play a live show and have it broadcast online, with full stream video and everything. Which is great, especially when they are not playing a show near you, or if you cannot afford to go to shows. Tonight was different though, it was just the radio, just the beautiful music the band was creating, and the screams of joy from the audience as they listened on as well.

This got me thinking back to when children used to crowd around the radio to listen to their favourite show, because TV and computers were not around yet. It was what they did for fun. So tonight, as I was listening to the band play, I couldn’t help but feel like one of those children lying on the floor; feet up in the air, listening to something giving them great joy. The world was simple again for a time, as I listened, enjoyed, and got goose bumps.


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