Little Thoughts 2

Here is an untitled post of mine from March 2011 that feels relevant today, except that I am the one that got crumpled this time instead of watching it happen to someone else.

Sometimes things that happen take a toll on you.
They can brake you down, they can get you overly excited, they change you in some form or another.
But no matter what it is, sometimes it absolutely wipes your mind clear of things (important or not) so that you cannot have anything else on your mind for a time being, and that absolutely exhausts you.
So in the end everything is all supposed to balance out, but as of right now I do not see the balance point, I just see one side to the teeter toter being shoved endlessly into the ground, until all you see is a pile of dirt from its burial.
And I cannot for the life of me get the image of a face, one that I thought was strong and have not seen upset at the worst of times, an image of this face deteriorating in front of me, and there was nothing I could or can, do or say, to stop it from happening.

Sometimes its painful to love someone so much that when you see them crumple, it crumples you too.
Tonight, I am just happy they did not see me crumple for them.


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