Dreams are a funny thing. There are many views on what their purpose are, but nothing is certain. Which is almost ironic because dreams are never really certain things either.
Some say they are random neurons firing.
Some say they are a path of enlightenment, a path into your subconscious.
Some say they are a way for your brain to work out problems and make sense of what it had to process during the day.
I don’t have the answer to that question.

I don’t know about how most people experience dreams, but for me dreams happen with almost every sleep. I start to get anxious if I haven’t had a dream for a couple nights. I remember my dreams. I have some dreams more than once, or sometimes dreams continue from one night to another. Sometimes I can control what path my dream goes on. I can read what things say in my dreams. I speak and understand both English and French in my dreams. Sometimes my dreams have an impact on how I feel the next day, even leaving me in a daze at times because the dream was filled with such intense emotion. Sometimes after I have physically woken up I need to also mentally wake up from dreams and come back to reality.

For me there are different kinds of dreams, ones that comfort, ones that scare, and so on. I’ve had dreams before that happen later in life, I don’t want to say my dream predicted what would happen, but I find myself at a loss for how else to describe the situation. More recently I’ve been having strange dreams, ones that could be laced with all sorts of symbolism that would take a few moments to ponder over and decode. Sometimes I know what they mean right away, and other times it is a mystery to me. I don’t mind sharing my dreams with close friends, but to me dreams are a bit personal and not something I share with everyone. I feel like my dream life is a huge part of myself, I am a dreamer to the core.

“…la vue des étoiles me fait rêver…”
– Vincent Van Gogh


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