That one time I wrote a poem

I’ve been sitting on this little piece of writing for awhile, it was in my head when I woke after a dream. I’m not even entirely sure if it’s finished or if I even like it. But, for me it’s done, I’m not going to fiddle with it anymore. So now here it is for you to enjoy, and I hope you do.

I was sitting looking up at the stars
Waiting for you to meet me here
wondering where you were
wondering what was taking so long
hoping you would come soon
wishing that you knew what I was going to say
grasping for an idea of what you would say back
and then you came up from behind and hugged me.

Feeling claustrophobic in your arms was new,
definitely a first,
before I had always felt love and security.
Now I felt that your touch was crushing me,
like you were stopping me from breathing.
The scent you wore was choking me,
as I looked up at your eyes I realized it was over.
They no longer sparkled with colour in the moonlight,
they were simply black.
You were no longer my perfect love,
everything that was wrong was all that mattered now.
No mystery or magic was left,
all that had kept me coming back before was gone.

Out of nowhere
with no warning
I no longer loved you.
Out of nowhere
with no warning
I was alone, even with you still by my side.


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